Meet the Team

Strengthening Homes With Aloha

Michael "Rusty" Gregg



But don't let that suit & tie fool you.  Mike is as down to earth as it gets.  Loves Soccer & will not hesitate to play a game of ball just to get the last shot in.

Angela "the Boss" Gregg



Do it right the first time or do it over.  Ange makes sure the team works hard and plays hard.  At the end of the day, she runs a tight ship, no task is too big for her to handle.

Kolaiah "Fuzzy" Jardine



Head Project Manager

He may look like a pretty boy, but this VP is not afraid of the work.  He jumps right in and with his positive personality, the job site has now become one of the best places to work.

Sonny Carvalho

Sonny Carvalho

(RA) License #: RS-73560

Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties

Goes above and beyond the call of duty to help you find the right home and terms.  He is a solutions provider and may even give you a ride in his hot rod if you ask nicely.